Aquatic Exercises: A Perfect Workout for the MS Community

Participating in regular exercise improves cardiorespiratory and muscle function, decreases depression and fatigue, and creates a healthy and better quality of life for those with Multiple Sclerosis. By incorporating strength , flexibility, and cardio exercise  it can positively impact disease progression and can help in your symptom management. However, heat sensitivity is an obstacle for many people with MS when it comes to exercise. An increase in body temperature can lead to the body feeling temporarily overheated and cause an increase in neurological symptoms that can  bring unwanted symptoms like blurred vision, weakness, numbness, and increase in fatigue. Luckily, there are ways to dodge these negative effects and still enjoy the benefits of a great workout!

Aquatic exercises are great way to get the American College of Sport and Medicine 3-5 times a week for 20-60 minutes p
er day (dependent on your fatigue level) of cardiovascular exercise in for those with MS. Swimming and aquatic exercise classes, in water about 82 degrees, not only will help you manage your body temperature but it can also assist  by keeping your body weight supported and assist and help improve balance and weakness issues . The variety of aquatic exercises, classes, and skill level available allows the incorporation of cardiovascular, strength training, balance, and coordination all in one. The specific benefits to the MS community are an improvement in range of motion, spasticity, flexibility, posture, and muscle tone all which will help in daily functioning activities.

Genzyme has partnered with MSAA for the Swim for MS initiative in order to raise awareness, promote availability, and provide an understanding to the MS community the benefits of aquatic based exercises by providing videos, print, and other web based materials. MSAA is continually developing a list of national pool facilities and existing community based aquatic exercise classes great for the MS community.




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In light of the anticipated snow storm tomorrow, the MSCGW will be closed Thursday March 5th. We will check our phone messages periodically and you can also email us at [email protected]

Stay safe everyone !

Introducing the MRI Access Fund

MRI Access Fund - learn more about MSAA's program

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MSAA Merges MRI Programs into the
MRI Access Fund

For more than 12 years, MSAA has successfully operated two programs that provide magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) exams for individuals who need assistance to confirm a diagnosis of multiple sclerosis or track its disease progression. Through the expansion of new corporate support, MSAA has been able to combine the MRI Diagnostic and Institute programs into one service as well as increase the number of clients served in 2015.

MSAA MRI Access Fund

Although the name has changed to the MRI Access Fund, the program will operate in the same manner – assisting people who do not have adequate insurance coverage or the financial means necessary to acquire a cranial MRI. Through the MRI Access Fund:

  • MSAA will cover the remaining cost of a person’s co-insurance balance

  • Or pay for an MRI through contracted imaging centers for qualified candidates.

Program applicants must meet income requirements, receive approval from MSAA prior to having an MRI (no reimbursements for previous MRIs), and cannot exceed one MSAA-funded MRI exam within a 24-month period.

If you have discussed with your physician the need for an MRI to aid in diagnosing multiple sclerosis or evaluating disease progression and need assistance, please download the MSAA MRI Access Fund application or contact MSAA at (800) 532-7667, extension 120, for additional information or to receive a copy in the mail.

Learn more about the MSAA MRI Access Fund

The MRI Access Fund receives support from EMD Serono and Pfizer, and Genzyme, a Sanofi company.

New Patient Portal

logoWe know many of you have enjoyed the benefits of email communication with our team, and we have improved on that with the launch of our secure patient portal! Through this portal, you will be able to have secure communication with us and we will be able to communicate with you in a secure fashion. In addition, you will have access to your lab results. The secure link to the webview patient portal is the following:

 Patient Portal

All you need is a username from us. Your password is Mscenter1! which you will be prompted to change at the time of your initial sign in.
Please start utilizing this form of communication rather than our gmail account, so that we can keep our conversations secure. Thank you.

The MS Center team

MS Success Story

I love when I hear of the amazing accomplishments of my patients-so inspiring to me! This is what Judy will be posting on her FB page today: "Today I accomplished a goal I didn’t know I had at the beginning of this year. I started swimming this summer and after today’s swim I have completed just over 100 miles.

Next year – my goal will be 250 miles".

YEAH JUDY!!!!!!!
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