Spread the word about MSCGW

Spread the word about MSCGW, Dr. Crayton has been working hard on her new website. There are some new features that have been added to help you with your Multiple Sclerosis information. On each post you will see a group of buttons like the one listed below. This will allow you to save important information to your Facebook, LinkedIn, or other social media sites. This will also help other suffering from MS to have a place where they can get updated information about Multiple Sclerosis treatment options, Newly Approved Drugs, and just simple MS motivational information.

Awareness About Relapsing MS

Our Voice In Song – A Campaign To Raise Awareness About Relapsing MS. An inspiring story from David Osmond and a catchy tune to download!

Music artist, singer and songwriter David Osmond was diagnosed with relapsing multiple sclerosis (MS) at the age of 26. Since that time, David has become a vocal advocate for the MS community, sharing his experiences and his music, to help raise awareness of this condition. Read David’s story.

MSCGW Christmas Cheer

MSCGW Christmas Cheer...It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas at the MSCGW! Come spend a little Time with the Multiple Sclerosis Center of Greater Washington and help us continue to spread the Christmas Cheer.



MS Atrium

The MS Atrium is an educational site that presents emerging trends and innovative information in multiple sclerosis (MS). Here you will find comprehensive tools and resources designed to help enhance patient care. Explore disease insights, emerging trends, and hot topics in multiple sclerosis. Content and presentations inside the MS Atrium were developed in consultation with our advisory committee of MS experts.


Treatment options concerning African American MS

Treatment options concerning African American MS patients, and current treatment options for Multiple Sclerosis.  Please join Dr. Heidi Crayton for this free educational event that will be held at Busboy and Poets in Hyattsville,MD on November 17th at 6 pm. A complimentary meal and parking will be provided. If you have questions about treating your Multiple Sclerosis,  then please join us at this event and learn more and get your questions answered.
Register Here, by November 16th.The program ID # is 2459. We hope to see you there !

Questions toward Multiple Sclerosis treatment including Webcast

Questions toward Multiple Sclerosis treatment including Webcast. Join in on a interactive Q& A session on "Everything You Wanted to Know about MS, BUT FORGOT to Ask". This free webcast will have all your questions about Multiple Sclerosis addressed by a professional panel ranging from neurologists to a disability attorney. You can submit questions ahead of time or during the presentation! This program will be held on Saturday, November 22 at 11:15 am.
Click Here to Register

Water Exercise Ideas concerning MS Patients

Water Exercise Ideas concerning MS Patients. Exercise can help ease the symptoms of multiple sclerosis, but it's important to take certain precautions if you want your exercise program to be successful. The most important thing to remember is to not overdo it. You may have heard the sayings "no pain, no gain" or "feel the burn," but those approaches are not helpful for people with MS. If you overdo it, you can end up straining an already taxed muscular system, increasing pain and causing your body and mind to become overstressed, overworked, and overtired.



Water Exercise Ideas

MSCGWs New Website

Welcome to MSCGWs new website. Dr. Crayton would like to you make yourself at home. Please take a look around the website at our new features, and read about our staff. Our new blog will features information about upcoming talks, new medical research relating to MS, and just everyday motivational materials relating to Multiple Sclerosis.  Share this information on social media with anyone you feel would benefit from it. We want to welcome you to our family and to our new site. If you have questions about MSCGW or would like to learn more about MS treatment options please feel free to send us an email.

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